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Using our movable walls you can create several rooms out of one large room. When the walls are stored you have completely free floor surfaces and the only thing that can be seen is the rail system in the ceiling.

Movable walls are suitable for use when you want to your space in a flexible manner. You can easily set the walls perpendicular to each other and thus create new rooms within a room. You will find several examples for inspiration and references. The walls are suitable for use in conference centers, schools and restaurant environments where activities often change and require new solutions for large and small groups. The walls fully meet the stringent sound requirements set for such premises. The sound created in the room is not transmitted to the next room through our walls and you can choose the sound value stipulated by your requirements and needs when ordering.

A closed wall doesn’t have to be just a wall. It can also be used as a whiteboard, as a projector wall and as a bulletin board. You can put your own touch on the wall with a background color or a customized, suitable design.

Please contact our sales representatives for assistance with how your premises should be designed to suit your requirements for a long time.

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